Deborah Soule

Deborah Soule

Research Associate


Deborah Soule is a researcher at the IDE who brings an interdisciplinary approach to research about organizations and technologies.

Deborah’s research centers on the design, practice, and management of collaborative innovation in organizations, with particular attention to the roles of technology, diverse knowledge, and dispersed settings. She is also passionate about translating IDE research into helping youth discover their potential for success in a digital economy. Deborah co-authored the book, Corporate Information Strategy and Management (8th Ed), and has written extensively for management practitioners about organizational learning, innovation, and collaboration themes.

Prior to returning to academia, Deborah worked in Europe and Africa on information systems projects in multidisciplinary and multilingual settings. Deborah earned her doctorate at Harvard Business School, her MBA from the University of Cape Town’s Graduate School of Business, and a bachelor of science from Rhodes University in South Africa.

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